Who we are

The Strathcona Symphony Orchestra (SSO) started out as the brainchild of Blaine Waldbauer in the fall of 2004. Inspired by his students and other members of the community he began looking for a way to share this passion for music with others.

With community support from talented and enthusiastic local musicians, Blaine organized and brought the orchestra to life.

Together with the leadership of past president Michele Morton, a dedicated board of directors, and community members, they were able to create many wonderful opportunities.  Quickly, the orchestra began to grow, succeed, and inspire others to join.

Photo: Frank Soos

Mission Statement

To bring the joy of playing music as a group to our members and our community.

Our commitment to the personal and musical growth of our members includes bringing high-quality concerts to the community at least 3 times a year, well into the future.

Our philosophy of self-governance and financial independence guides our
decision-making. Our members are our most important assets and we strive to keep their fees affordable. We are able to maintain financial independence due to the continued valuable donations of money and time from sponsors and volunteers, who all help us achieve our mission.

We look to share music with the community in a way that is physically and
culturally accessible. Providing a quality product to our audience ensures that our sponsors want to be involved and helps maintain their support year after year.