Beethoven 250th Anniversary Concert

Ludwig van Beethoven is regarded as the most-performed classical composer – and he was a radical artist who reinvented himself time and again, extending the boundaries of music and questioning society. He continues to inspire us worldwide. Beethoven created musical worlds and key works that burst the imagination of his time and left a lasting mark on music history. Beethoven is a fascinating example of how human creativity knows no bounds, He defied any convention or routine. He was a lateral and forward thinker who expanded the boundaries of music and challenged society over and over again. He created some of his most important works in a state of increasing deafness. With his radical artistry he has become an inspiration and role model for innumerable people . Beethoven’s work is visionary. His music reflects a European society on the move. It goes far beyond its original context. Ludwig van Beethoven showed the way into the modern age. His works speak of an irrepressible will for social change, the highest humanity, the freedom of the arts and social utopias. These claim universal validity until today.Beethoven’s work leads us to central identity and future topics of our society.